New page for viewing your purchased games

For those of you that have bought a handful of games and linked them to your account, using the purchases list on the My collections page to view your games isn’t ideal as it’s pretty cramped. You’re in luck because there’s now a new purchases page that lets you scroll through all of your purchases utilizing in full screen:

my purchases

Additionally, if you have any gifts that you haven’t given out yet you can also find a link to form to send the gift here.

You can find the new purchases page by clicking on it from the dropdown in the header, by clicking on it in the My collections page, or by clicking here: http://itch.io/my-purchases



View where purchases come from

The game analytics pages have been updated to give you better insight about where purchases are coming from.

purchases list

If you’re familiar with itch.io then you might know there are a few different ways to buy a game, the embeddable widget, the pay popup API, and the game pages. In the past, if you were using more than one of these, you had no idea where someone was making a purchase. There’s now a new column on the purchases overview with the Buy location of the purchase. The current options are “Game page”, “Embed widget”, “Popup API”.

Now that you know which part of the site someone is using to buy your game you might be interested in how they got there. Well you’re in luck because there’s a second new column on the purchases list, the Referrer.

purchases list

Purchases on itch.io originate from either the internal pages (like browse games, search, home page, or user profiles), or external pages like game blogs, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. The new referrers column will tell you about both. External links are marked as external link and are linked to the page that initiated the purchase. Internal links are shown as the name of the page, and any addition parameters about that page. For example, if someone bought your game while browsing action games for OS X then you’ll see all that information.



Game bundles on itch.io

All developers on itch.io now have the ability to host their own game bundles on itch.io! Bundles are a great way to encourage people to buy multiple of your games at once by giving them a discounted price. On itch.io a bundle is a special kind of game sale where you set a “buy all” price to obtain every item in the sale at once. 

Check out some bundles that have already been created: http://itch.io/bundles

browse bundles

Before you create a bundle you’ll need at least two games that are purchasable. Once you’ve got the games created head over to the new sale page (or you can edit an existing one).

At the bottom of the edit sale page, after you select the eligble games, there’s now a input for specifying the “buy all” price:

new sale editor

A suggested price is included to help you pick a price below the sum of all the games in the bundle.

At the top of your newly created bundle you’ll find a “Buy all for…” button to let someone purchase all of the games at once. Like any purchase on itch.io no accounts are required and the entire process is seamless!

buy all button

Clicking the button let’s the buyer get an overview of what they are getting:

buy bundle lightbox

After completing the purchase, the buyer will be taken to their unique bundle download URL where they can download each of the games individually.

Additionally, like any other itch.io purchase, if the buyer has an account with a linked email address then the games will show up in their My collections page!



Updates to the press system, new application form

itch.io launched its press system about 3 months ago. The press system is a method for letting content creators with a focus on indie games get access to paid games that opt in for free. There has been an overwhelming response so far.

If you’re a game developer looking to be part of the press system then you can head to the user settings page to opt-in right now! If you create content about games then read on.

Applying to the press system was ad-hoc, if anyone wanted to be reviewed for access they would submit a support request to itch.io. Because press accounts are not handed out lightly, a proper review of each person is a requirement. Sadly it became difficult to manage all the applications.

Starting today there is now a formal process for applying to the press system.

You can find the new press account application here: http://itch.io/press/application

The new system streamlines the process, with fields for the most common questions that need to be answered. It also helps to clarify who exactly is eligible for a press account.

If you applied to the press system in the past and did not hear back I’d like to apologize for not having the opportunity to talk to everyone yet. Although your information is still stored, I highly recommend re-submitting through the new application form. It will help organize all the applicants and provide the additional data required to see if someone is eligible for a press account.


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You can now offer downloads with web games

itch.io is pretty cool because it lets you either host downloadable games (optionally with a price) or embed a web game directly in the page. In the past if you wanted to combine the two into a single page it wasn’t trivial.

Starting today you can now have downloadable files alongside your embedded game! All the same great features for downloadable game files are now available for web games. You can upload multiple files, supply an optional minimum price, provide individual prices for files, and even upload demo files. (And you can still use the donation button that’s been there all along)

In order to accommodate this new functionality the edit game page has changed a little bit. The file uploader now lets you specify which file should be embedded into the browser: (existing pages will have the correct file chosen by default)

new upload setting

Any additional files you upload will be available for  purchase or download. They will show up beneath your game’s description in the same format as download-only games:

a purchasable web game


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itch.io now has a new page for browsing game jams!

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Upload game files with Dropbox

For those that have a Dropbox account, you can now upload your game’s files directly from your Drobox account.

You can find the new “Choose with Dropbox” button next to the original file upload button:

upload with dropbox

One other enhancement to uploading has been made as well. If you upload a file with the same name as an existing file it will now override the existing one, but keep all existing statistics about the file. It is not necessary to delete the old file before uploading the new one.


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Enhancing jams: late submissions and entry editor

Jam admins now have a few more tools to make hosting jams easier than ever (and it’s already pretty easy to begin with, check out jam hosting on itch.io). Starting today all jams now have a submissions tab on the jam’s edit page. This submissions tab contains a handful of tools for managing entries. As of now there are two tools:

Late submission URLs

Late submissions happen, for whatever reason an entry isn’t able to make it in time for the deadline. Luckily itch.io’s jam feature now lets owners of a jam handle this with ease. From the submissions tab you can find the late submission form. Just paste the URL of the game you want to have late submit access, you’ll then be given a URL to share with the game’s owner. They just need to visit that URL to submit their game, even if the submit deadline is over!

Entry list 

Jam admins now have their own list of entries from the edit page. From this list you can get a quick glance of everything that’s submitted. Additionally you have the ability to remove entries if they aren’t eligible for being part of the jam.

itch.io jam submission page


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Enhancing jams: new jam admins feature

Did you know that anyone can host a game jam on itch.io? Well now you do, great!

A lot of game jams are collaborative events, hosted by more than just one person. For this reason, starting today, you can add Jam admins to you game jams. You can now let other users on itch.io have edit access to a jam you’ve created.

You can find the new Admins page on the game jam edit page in the new tab bar below the title.

Adding a jam admin is just like adding a game admin, you need to type in their username and then you’ll be given a link to share with the prospective admin.

jam admins page


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A handful of sellers have asked about what it’s like for a buyer to purchase a game on itch.io. I’ve written a guide that hopefully gives you a detailed view of the entire purchase process.


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