Welcome the first round of press users

About 1 week ago itch.io launched its new press system, a way for indie game developers to opt their paid games in to be downloaded by special users with press access.

Here are the press users that have been added to date:

As always, you can see the current press users in the press section of your user settings page, on the Misc tab.

If you’re interesting in having your paid games be part of the press system them all you need to do is opt in. If you’re interested in being a press user then send itch.io an email. Read more on the press system release post.

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You can now rate games

itch.io has a lot of games! It can be overwhelming trying to search through them looking for something to play. Starting today (actually as of a day or so ago) you can now rate games. The rating data is currently only visible to yourself, but as more games are rated this data will be factored into building a system for helping uncover some of the standout games.

You can find the rate game button in the top right corner of the game page, next to the collections button:

How to rate your game

Once you’ve rated a game you’re free to edit it as much as you like, just click the button again.

To review your ratings just head to the My collections page and you’ll see a new list containing the games you’ve rated:

Review your ratings on itch.io


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Collections, now enhanced!

A few months ago itch.io got the ability to create collections of games and share them on your profile. Today collections are getting a slight upgrade.

All collections now have a dedicated browsing page, so you can easily share a link to just the collection, and browse all the games in full screen:

Here’s a collection I’ve put together: http://itch.io/c/11/games-to-check-out

Just click on the title of a collection anywhere where collections are shown to be taken to the collection’s page.

Because there are two ways to view collections now (either on a user profile, or through their new dedicated pages), a new option has been added. You can now mark a collection as private. Private collections can only be seen by their owners.

Lastly, you can now add a description to your collection that will get displayed on the dedicated collection page. A great way to describe your thoughts about the games you’ve collected. If you own a collection just go to its page and click the Edit collection link to set everything up.


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In an effort to organize all the excellent feature requests and bug reports I’ve been getting I’ve created an a public GitHub repository with an issues tracker.

You can view current issues or open a new one.

Posting issues and features here is not a requirement, but it is helpful for keeping ideas organized and also encourages collaboration as all posts can be publicly discussed. As always, if you need to contact itch.io directly you can do so from the support page or you can send a tweet to @itchio.


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Games can now be reported

One of the disadvantages of running an open content submission platform is sometimes you get content that doesn’t belong. In order to help keep itch.io’s content well organized and free of spam you can now report games.

You can find a Report game link at the bottom of game’s page on itch.io. Clicking it will load a dialog that lets you describe the nature of the report.

The following types of reports can be created:

  • Offensive material
  • Uploader not authorized to distribute
  • Miscategorized
  • Spam
  • Other

If you select Miscategorized you’ll have the option to suggest a category.

In addition to the report type you can also leave a comment describing your report.

Once submitted, a report will be reviewed and action will be taken if necessary.


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Classify your content

Although itch.io is primary a place for hosting video games, there’s a lot of other interesting content that has been uploaded. While it’s nice to see different kinds of content it can be confusing to those browsing when not properly organized. 

Starting today you can classify what you’ve created from the edit page. By default everything is just “Game”, but if you’ve got something else uploaded then please pick the appropriate option.


The following options are available:

  • Game
  • Game assets
  • Game mod
  • Physical game
  • Soundtrack
  • Other

If you’ve got any ideas for more options then please don’t hesitate to suggest them.

Updates to the browse page to help you sort by these classifications will be coming soon.


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Download keys can now be claimed

Download keys is a cool feature of itch.io that lets you generate a unique URL for someone to download your game without having to buy it.

One of the biggest enhancement requests I’ve gotten about them is the ability for a user to claim a key for themselves. Typically the URL is secret but still accessible by anyone and unlinked to any account, making it easy to lose or abuse.

Starting today, when generating a new download key you’ll have a few more options:

By default all new download keys can be claimed. You can uncheck this box to make them unclaimable if you wish, this will make the download key function as it used to.

When a download key is claimable a special form will be added to the top of the download page that gives the viewer an option to associate the game with their itch.io account:

The user just needs to click the button and the game is theirs. It will show up on their My collections page and only they will be able to access it.

If they aren’t logged in to itch.io they’ll be prompted to either log in or create a new account.

There’s a second option for the developer when creating a download key. They can also require the the key be claimed before the game can be downloaded. This can be a good way to help reduce the chance of the key being shared among multiple people.

When a key is claimed, the download keys page will reflect that and tell you who has claimed it:

Existing download keys have not been changed at all. They can’t be claimed unless you go to the Download keys page and update them. 


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Opt your games into the itch.io press system

One of the biggest struggles with launching an indie game is figuring out how to market it. itch.io hopes to provide you with a rich set of features for not only distributing your game’s files but also raising awareness about your game.

itch.io’s press system is the first step in that direction. If you have any paid games then indie game reviews and writers are significantly less likely to play it either because it would require them to purchase the game or to go out of their way to contact you and arrange for a download key.

Starting now you can opt your account into itch.io’s press system, this will enable special press account users to find your paid games and download it for free.

You can find it on the Misc tab of User settings page. For the sake of transparency all the press accounts are listed on on the settings page with a description of what the represent and a link to their profile.

The creation of new press accounts will be done with careful consideration, proof of having a games publication will be a requirement.

I’m really excited about this feature, I think this has the opportunity to open up a lot of opportunities for games that might not get the attention they deserve.

If you also think this feature has a lot of potential then please take the time to opt your account in.

If you’re interested in getting a press account please get in touch.

Thanks and enjoy!

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You can now configure your notification settings

Currently itch.io only emails those of you with accounts when you’ve made a sale or you’re verifying an email address. Because sometimes the sales emails can be a little overwhelming you can now turn them off. There’s a new notifications area in the User settings page:


As itch.io rolls out more features and needs to do email messaging you’ll find any of those options here. You’ll be able to opt out of any optional emails.


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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cyberpunk Jam on itch.io.

269 games were submitted between 03/01/2014 and 03/12/2014. 2726 ratings were cast by those who entered to 265 of the entries (98.5%) between 03/12/2014 and 03/24/2014. The average number of ratings per game was 10.1 and the median was 8.


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